About Brendan & Kristina

Cape Shark began April 20, 2014. From 2014 to 2016 Brendan produced many different colors and patterns of stickers. In 2016 customers began to ask for the logo on clothing and hats. For the first run of T-Shirt he went to a local screen printer. Outraged with how pricey it was and realizing there would never be potential for wholesale within reasonable margins, Brendan took to YouTube. He started searching everything there was to know about screen printing but he wanted to do it right, the eco friendly way! Brendan taught himself how to screen print on YouTube!


Fast forward to June 3, 2017 Brendan was at the local bar, The Chatham Squire. He met Kristina and her best friend and asked them to model hats for Cape Shark. Kristina oh so confidently stated “I have a bigger brain than just for hats, I can help you with your company” Now this is the first time she had seen his logo but she knew it was a hit. 


Kristina has always had an eye for fashion and loves creating. In High School her after school job was at an embroidery shop in her home town of Bridgewater. She went to Framingham State University for 2 years for Fashion Merchandising and Marketing. After leaving school she moved to Cape Cod and worked sales for a local screen printing company. Meeting Brendan she knew Cape Shark was it and after 1 year of working for Brendan she left her job and has been with Cape Shark since. Oh and yes, they did fall in love and become a Power Couple.